The New England Patriots raised eyebrows when they signed Tim Tebow after he was cast aside by the archrival New York Jets.

With living legend Tom Brady entrenched at quarterback, it remains to be seen just how the former Heisman Trophy winner will fit into Emperor Belichick’s plans.

While it may seem unlikely that Tebow will have a major role on the team, there are actually several categories he will lead the team. Take a look for yourself:

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    Congratulatory Handshakes

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    Leading Prayer Circles

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  • 5

    Dating Rumors

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  • 6

    ESPN Mentions

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    Name-Dropping God

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    Getting Advice From Tom Brady on How to Be a Good Quarterback

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    Time Spent Listening to Christian Rock on the Headset

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  • 10

    Tears Shed When He Thinks No One Is Watching

    Tim Tebow Crying
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    Belichick Angering

    Bill Belichick