Teams were already facing big games in the second week of the 2013 NFL season. Here are the five most interesting things we learned from Week 2:

The Seahawks Might Be the Best Team in the NFC

Seattle has become the toughest road date in the NFL. Ask the defending NFC champion 49ers, who were dominated by a fierce Seahawks' team in a 29-3 loss on Sunday night. Pete Carroll's defense forced San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick into four turnovers — and kept him from the end zone/kissing his own bicep. Meanwhile, Seattle's Marshawn Lynch broke out the Skittles early and often against the Niners' defense. He finished with 98 yards and two touchdowns.

The Chiefs Are Much Better This Year

Kansas City was the worst team in the NFL in 2012; they won't be in 2013. While the Chiefs couldn't claim to be much improved after beating hapless Jacksonville in Week 1, their 17-16 win over Dallas in Week 2 illustrates that new head coach Andy Reid and new quarterback Alex Smith might be a great pairing. Smith's two touchdown passes were just enough to help his team past the Cowboys. Reid now gets to travel to Philadelphia for a Thursday night game. Expect more than one Eagles' fan to make a Kool-Aid Man joke at the expense of their former head coach, but 'Big Red' might be the one saying "Oh yeah!" after the game.

Chip Kelly Is Known For Offense, Not Defense

Chip Kelly's Eagles' offense was still very good in Week 2, but his team's defense was terrible during Sunday's 33-30 home loss to San Diego. The Chargers held the ball for 40:17 minutes to the Eagles' 19:43, and San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers threw for 419 yards and three scores against the Philly pass defense. If Philadelphia is going to make a habit out of allowing that many points, Kelly will have to at least teach his team how to get final possession.

The Giants Might Be in More Trouble Than the Jets

New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin has two Super Bowl rings from earlier in his tenure, but that jewelry isn't preventing his team from turning the ball over at a frightening pace in 2013. 'Big Blue' had four more miscues in the 41-23 loss to Denver on Sunday. Quarterback Eli Manning has now been picked off seven times in two games, a pace that could start to cause comparisons between him and the Jets' Mark Sanchez. The Giants may be a butt-fumble away from putting Coughlin on a seat as hot as the one under Rex Ryan.

Washington's Defense Deserves To Be Called Bad Names

Aaron Rodgers threw for 480 yards and four scores in the Packers' 38-20 rout of Washington. The Redskins looked lost on defense for the second week in a row. While the debate rages on in D.C. about the franchise's insensitive nickname, the Washington defensive backs – and coaching staff – are the names most likely to change if there isn't improvement soon.