Professional wrestlers may seem like tough guys, but underneath their shiny spandex outfits and long, flowing hair (clearly a sign of ultimate masculinity), they have hearts of gold. Daniel Bryan, for example, recently met with a seven-year-old boy who has had brain cancer for almost four years, and says he's Bryan's biggest fan. It's okay if you need to go grab some Kleenex before you look at the pictures.

Connor Michalek (who is undoubtedly the cutest person in the world to go by the name "Stone Crusher") posted a video on YouTube asking his favorite wrestler Daniel Bryan if he would meet him. Thanks to social media (including the video and a widely shared event on Facebook), little Connor's dreams came true on Tuesday. Not only did he get to meet Bryan, he got to put Bryan in his trademark "no-lock hold."

It almost makes us want to watch professional wrestling. Look how cute!